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Lines of Space

One more five star review of ‘Lines of Space’ received on 30th September:-
I really enjoyed this book. It is very well written. I think This book presents the author’s thoughts concerning a wide range of difficult topics in physics. Many of the science-based philosophy and theories are deep and can be intimidating to read through – they must be carefully read in order to understand and absorb them. This book will have you captivated from the beginning until the end. Very thought provoking! I enjoyed every minute of reading.. Recommended.


Erin gave 5 star to ‘Lines of Space’ and wrote a review on amazon as follows-
If you’ve ever pondered how the universe came to be then this book is for you. Devinder takes the tough topic of physics and distills it down to it’s basic parts to create a riveting discussion about a new theory in science, ‘Lines of Space’.

By presenting the discussion as a result of a series of discussions with his son, and then his daughter, Devinder is able to relate the drive to determine how we came to be to the essence of parenting; inspiring our children and giving them the faith they need to navigate a changing world. Some of my favorite parts in the book were the conversations with family which inspired the thought process that led to Devinder’s ‘Lines of Space’.

I found myself taking notes while reading and doing further research long after I stopped reading. ‘Lines of Space’ is a great introduction to anyone who has an interest in how the universe works. I highly recommend it.

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