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The Big Bang and Lines of Space

Approximately 13.7 billion year ago, an infinitesimal point in space exploded with such a gigantic force that it is still expanding. During its expansion, it caused the formation of billions of galaxies, numerous stars and our own solar system. This idea of creation of the universe is known as the Big Bang, and is the most popular scientific concept of the creation of the universe.

But this concept has its own flaws. Therefore, a perpetual quest for alternative idea is on. A few ideas of the creation of the universe are based on the widespread conviction that there exists something unseen in empty space, that can convert into particles. One of these ideas is Lines of Space, where Lines of Space are imagined to be a medium present in empty space, even in vacuum. How the Lines of Space can convert into particles, is elucidated in the book ‘Lines of Space’. The book “The Big Bang and Lines of Space’ presents a comparison between the Big Bang theory and Lines of Space concept. This book has been awarded ‘Seal of Excellence’ by Author’s Cave. It is an interesting read, presented in simple conversational style, with a background story set in India. Although this book can be read as stand alone, to assimilate the idea of Lines of Space precisely, it is recommended to read the book ‘Lines of Space’ as well.

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