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Great surprise and I was able to follow theory of why Big Bang wasn’t! ByAthena “Greek Goddess”on October 23, 2014 Format: Kindle Edition Wow! So, I read The Big Bang- Lines of Space as a read for Authors’ Cave. I have to admit, I was intimidated at first because I never studied physics or anything other than biology pretty much as far as science goes in school, but as I’ve gotten older, the subject fascinates me. I love astronomy, looking at the stars at night and wondering what in the world is up there. Mr. Dhiman did a fantastic job explaining things in Lehman’s terms as to why the Big Bang theory isn’t likely possible, and I was able to keep up with him for the entire book. The way he intertwined fiction with science, kept it interesting and I enjoyed the entire read. I highly recommend if you are someone interested in space and what is going on out there and how things might have really happened.

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